A service to mark Remembrance Day (also known as Poppy Day) was held on Sunday morning, 11 November 2018.  War veterans and friends and family gathered at the Cenotaph War Memorial at the Old Harbour in Hermanus.

The sound of a lone bugler playing the Last Post followed by the observation of two minutes’ silence at 11:00, the exact hour when the First World War was ended on 11 November 1918 in honour of those who paid the highest price for our freedom, deeply moved onlookers. (The first minute was for those who were killed during the war and the second for those who had returned alive.)

Having laid a wreath on behalf of the Overstrand community, Mayor Dudley Coetzee said: “As we gather here to reflect, it is fitting for us to also remember our duty - to educate future generations of sacrifices made. Remembrance should be at the forefront of our national consciousness; remembering those who gave their lives during battle so that we can be here today”.

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At the Council Meeting held on Wednesday, 31 October 2018, Executive Mayor Ald Dudley Coetzee confirmed that the Municipality is currently busy with the 2nd review of the current 5 year Integrated Development Plan (IDP) - i.e. 2019/20 IDP review.

In his IDP review directional speech, Mayor Coetzee explained that an IDP review allows Council the opportunity to ‘pause and assess’ whether they are still on track in attaining the strategic direction set in the 5 year IDP of 2017/2021.

The Mayor urged all stakeholders to actively participate and engage in the platforms created for the 2019/20 IDP and Budget review process.

“As always, the public will have the opportunity to submit written inputs on both the draft IDP review and draft Budget in April 2019,” he said.

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On Friday, 26 October Mayor Dudley Coetzee had the opportunity to engage with business owners in his home town of Gansbaai on his ‘meet and greet’ walkabout to see how they are doing and what their issues were.

He was accompanied by Deputy Mayor Elnora Gillion, Councillors Riana de Coning and Andrew Komani, Gansbaai Tourism office manager Glenda Kitley, as well as Cape Whale Coast tourism manger Frieda Lloyd.

It was a busy morning and they got to meet quite a number of business owners, including De Wet and Morkel van Niekerk of Superspar, Chris van Rensburg of OK Foods, David Sawtelle of Pam Golding, Betsie de Will of ABSA, Jan and Doreen Barnard of Bayview Furnishers, Cheryl Lorenzen of Sportzone and Genery Fick of Pep Stores.

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During the next few weeks leading up to the start of the fire season, we urge communities to be more vigilant and not to start unnecessary fires particularly during dry days.

People are also asked to remove unnecessary rubble on their properties which can pose a serious fire risk and houses next to grasslands need to ensure that there are sufficient fire breaks between their properties and the grasslands.

Residents should cut back overhanging tree branches close to their properties and also clean their gutters as leaves that end up in gutters can pose a fire risk.

People must also ensure that they have the contact details of their local fire authorities at hand should there be a fire emergency.

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The Overstrand Municipality is a creature of statue and operates within a constitutional framework as provided for in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (the Constitution) - the supreme law of the country;

The Municipality has the right to govern, on its own initiative, the local government affairs of its community, subject to national and provincial legislation, as is provided for in Section 151(3) of the Constitution and Section 4(1)(a) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, No 32 of 2001 (Systems Act);

The Municipality has executive and legislative authority in respect of, and has the right to administer, the matters provided for in Sections 156(1) and 229 of the Constitution, Sections 8 and 11 of the Systems Act and Section 83(1) of the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, No 117 of 1998 (Structures Act);

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