Arbor Week started with a bang this morning when 54 trees were planted in Mountain View, Kleinmond this morning.

Mayor Dudley Coetzee rolled up his sleeves in good spirit and joined the team to beautify the area.

Pictured here are Ward 10 Councillor Fanie Krige, (left), Ward 9 Councillor Grant Cohen, Community Services Portfolio Chairperson Cllr Arnie Africa, Executive Mayor Dudley Coetzee, home owner Jennifer and Kleinmond’s Area Manager Desmond Lakey.

For the time being, anyone who wishes to register a rebuilt, scrapped or imported vehicle and need to verify the tare (weight of the vehicle without cargo) will have to make use of the weighbridge facility operated by Overberg Agri in Caledon.

This situation came about as a result of irreparable damage caused to Overstrand’s weighbridge housed at the transfer station in Swartdam Road, Hermanus during the recent civil unrests.

Overstrand’s Traffic Department urges all vehicle owners who, on request of the relevant officer, must verify a vehicle’s tare to make use of Overberg Agri's weighbridge situated in Industrial Street, Caledon.

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Mayor Dudley Coetzee continued his ‘meet and greet’ walkabout earlier this week, paying an unannounced visit to the Lombardi Care Centre in Mount Pleasant.

Jenny Sauls took the opportunity to raise concerns about wheelchair access to the premise. After a quick inspection, the Mayor made use of the occasion to extend his appreciation towards all the staff members for their dedication in looking after the elderly. 

He was accompanied by Deputy Mayor Elnora Gillion and Ward 4 Councillors Anton Coetsee and Christine May.

The mood at the Stanford Community Hall was jubilant as 54 families designated as beneficiaries of a housing project initiated in 2009 were finally granted rightful ownership of their houses in Thembelihle (Stanford South) and Kersiedorp (near the rugby field).

 Even though the 88 families in question have been occupying their homes since 2009, legalities pertaining to town planning prevented the properties from officially being registered in the names of their rightful owners.

On handing over the title deeds to their homes during a ceremony held on Tuesday evening 14 August 2018, Overstrand’s Executive Mayor Dudley Coetzee remarked, “it took way too long to provide you with proof of ownership, but now the houses are legally yours, and you can ensure that they stay in your families for generations to come. We wish you as the home owners all of the best.”

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Hermanus Rotary Club is working together with the Overberg District Education Department to find ways in which to assist learners from the Qhayiya Secondary, Zwelihle and Lukhanyo Primary Schools in Zwelihle and Mount Pleasant Primary affected by the recent unrest.

According to the President of Rotary Hermanus, Ann Wright, they will co-ordinate schedules for the volunteer teachers.

Qualified English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa speaking teachers of all subjects for Grades 1 - 12 are needed to work as volunteers in the classrooms on a short-term basis to catch up on work missed during the unrest period.

If you can assist, please send your full name with contact number and e-mail address directly to Ann indicating your preferred age groups and subjects and the times you would be available.

Ann’s contact details are as follows: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and mobile number 083 307 0726.



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