Thank you to the public for notifying the Overstrand Environmental Department of the nurdles on Kleinmond Main Beach.

The Kleinmond and Betty's Bay Working for the Coast teams are currently working carefully and methodically to sieve the nurdles from the sand, it is a slow process but the team is determined to collect as many of the nurdles as possible before the high tide washes them back out to sea.

Recommended Disposal
Please do not discard in Municipal waste bins. Should you encounter these nurdles, please contact the Overstrand Municipality's Environmental Department (028 316 3724 during office hours or 028 313 8111/028 31308980 after hours), or

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There are renewed concerns about small quantities of plastic pellet particles, also known as nurdles, that have been found on Silver Sand Beach in Betty’s Bay this morning.

Hanglip-Kleinmond residents are being asked to find time to collect as many nurdles as possible‚ particularly from the high-water mark.

Two wheelie bins have been placed in the parking areas at Silver Sand Beach and Stony Point Penquin Colony in Betty's Bay as collection point.

Unfortunately these nurdles are hard to spot. They are very small and their colour often blends in with the sand or can be covered up by seaweed.

The pesky little critters are toxic, and never go away. Nurdles cannot be digested by animals who often mistake them for food -

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With the summer holiday season about to unfold, the Overstrand Municipality would like to warn residents and holidaymakers to be extra careful and aware of their safety over the period.

Let's also remember that the COVID-19 virus is still going around. Therefore we need to stay vigilant, stay safe but also move forward.

Don’t make it easy for criminals:

  • Do not attract unwanted attention by openly displaying cash, cameras or other valuables.

  • Motorists should refrain from keeping anything of value on the seats where it is easily visible.
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The Overstrand is home to beautiful fynbos-covered mountains and tree-lined paths adjacent to homes and businesses. It makes the district a wonderful nature-based tourism destination. But it also increases the risks of wildfire for those living here.

If you live on a property that is built in or near natural areas, among trees, or among vegetation that can catch fire easily, you live in a wildland interface area. And according to Louise Wessels, Manager of the Greater Overberg Fire Protection Association (goFPA), living here requires property owners to take extra precautions to ensure they are wildfire ready.

“Many people simply don’t realise the dangers of living in an interface area when it comes to wildfires. Because of the location, there’s usually considerable fuel available to feed a fire. That makes it much harder to extinguish such a fire.”

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  • Green bar coded ID Document, smart ID Card, or valid TIC

  • Be a South african Citizen

  • Be 16 years or older to register, can however only vote at 18

  • Live in the ward where By-Election is held.

31 October & 01 November 2020


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