Latest Overstrand News

COVID-19 vaccines will be offered at the Onrus Clinic situated on the corner of Roos and Douglas Street in Onrusrivier between 09:00 - 15:00. No appointment necessary.


•    Monday 13 February 2023
•    Friday 17 February 2023
•    Monday 27 February 2023
•    Friday 3 March 2023

Please remember to bring your ID and Vaccine Card.

People 50 years and older is eligible for a 5th booster (180 days after last booster). Both the Pfizer and J&J vaccines are available. For immobile persons needing home visits, please phone 028 313 5279 to make an appointment.

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Overstrand Executive Mayor, Dr Annelie Rabie, held a public meeting on Monday afternoon, 6 February 2023, to update the public regarding the lease and subletting agreement, structural non-compliance and land availability of the Hermanus Country Market (HCM).

Mayor Rabie once again gave her commitment to resolve the issues because the market is part of the Hermanus community and plays an important role locally - for the traders, locals, and visitors.

She said “Hermanus needs the market and must have a market”. “Unfortunately, laws and regulations I cannot change. The market is not compliant; they do not have a lease, no approved building plans, no fire certificate, no population certificate and no evacuation plan and the insurance expired last year. We need to get the representatives around the table to decide a plan of action with timelines for the way forward.”

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The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) will be in the Overstrand on the following dates:

Hermanus area:
22 February 2023 - Overstrand Thusong Centre in Hawston

Gansbaai area:
7 February 2023 - Blompark Community Hall in Gansbaai

21 February 2023 - Stanford Community Hall

3 February 2023 - Proteadorp Community Hall in Kleinmond

* Please note that these dates were provided by the Department of Social Development and may be subject to change.


Another migration of the African clawed frog (commonly known as the Platanna) from the Vermont Saltpan to the Onrus estuary is underway again.

The platannas are amphibious, and need to get back to water before the sun breaks through the clouds, or else they will most likely die.

To help rescue platannas that might have ended up in your garden, swimming pool or in the road, please keep them in big buckets filled with water before releasing them in the Onrus Lagoon.

Phone the Environmental Management Section of Overstrand Municipality on 028 316 3724 / 028 313 5619 (o/h) or visit their offices on the corner of Molteno and Viljoen Streets in Onrus if anyone needs further assistance. Please mention your street address as well.

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