Latest Overstrand News

Councillor Clinton Lerm, Mayco Member of Investment and Infrastructure welcomed the judging panel from the National Arbor City Awards to the Overstrand this morning, 3 November 2022, on behalf of Cllr Ronald Nutt who is attending the National Blue Flag Launch in Plettenberg Bay.  The Overstrand has once again been awarded Blue flag Status for five of our beaches.

The judging panel is in Hermanus for a two-day briefing session which constitutes a ‘think tank’ concerning the process of the annual Arbor City Awards. The year 2022 marks the 20th year of the Arbor City Award competition.

Cllr Lerm confirmed council’s commitment to the environment. “We really need to take good care of the world we live in to ensure quality working/living environments,” he added.

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Overstrand Municipality will be starting with the pre-paid electricity metering software update (TID rollover) from 1 November 2022.

Failure to update before the deadline will result in consumers not being able to purchase electricity, resulting in your electricity running out on your meter.

Kindly note, this is not a meter replacement and there is no payment to be made by affected pre-paid customers. Customers who receive electricity from Eskom directly, will also be affected and should contact Eskom directly with queries regarding the upgrade of prepaid meter software for the TID rollover (or wait till Eskom contacts them).

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It’s important for property owners and tenants to keep on top of their monthly municipal accounts.

Reading your water and electricity meters regularly are the best way to keep track of your water and electricity use, and ensure your bill is an accurate reflection of it. Don't forget to record the date of your reading.

Overstrand Municipality aims to read all water and electricity meters once a month to calculate your monthly water and sewerage use.

The dates between readings also play an important role as the system provides for calculation in accordance with the number of days, thus, if it is a longer period, you will receive more kl units consumed per sliding scale, to ensure correct charging, (example, 45 days’ consumption will be calculated as 30 days as well as another 15 days on the lower tariff of the sliding scale).

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Following the discussions on baboon management in Kleinmond on 18 October 2022, it was decided that each baboon affected town in the Overstrand will hold separate meetings to deliberate on how the baboon management programme should be structured and what it should entail.

The ‘Overstrand East’ meeting will be held on 8 November 2022 at 16:00 in the Hermanus Municipal Auditorium.

Stakeholders, members of Baboon Liaison Groups (BLG's) and the public are encouraged to attend the meeting and to make use of the opportunity to provide their input.

Similar meetings will be held in the Western Section.

Categories B & C indigent households (households with a property value up to R220 000) are being phased out from November 2022 and the affected households are advised to urgently submit new applications for indigent status.

Residents will receive assistance on a daily basis at the different municipal offices.

For more information contact the Finance Department at your nearest municipal rates hall for assistance during the week or phone 028 313 8000/8912; HERMANUS Administration 028 313 8027 / 028 313 8933 / 028 313 5060 /028 313 8042, GANSBAAI/STANFORD Administration - Tel: 028 028 384 8300 or Tel: 028 341 8500, KLEINMOND Administration - Tel: 028 271 8400.