Latest Overstrand News

The Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works (DTPW) re-opened one lane of the R44 Clarens Drive between Rooi Els and Gordon’s Bay for traffic on Tuesday afternoon, 20 December 2022, while repair work is under way on the other lane.

The traffic flow would be managed through stop/go signs.

Waiting times could be as long as two to three hours depending on the type of work being done, although every attempt would be made to stick to shorter waiting times.

While the roadway may seem in a good condition following the clean-up operations, there are sections where the road surface has been undermined and is not safe for any weight.

The road may be closed for safety or operational reasons at any time and without prior notice.

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Onrus experienced perpetual uninterrupted power outages over the past long weekend of 16 December 2022.

This is apart from the ‘normal’ load shedding schedule stages 5 and 6.

After discussions with Eskom, part of the problem for not detecting the fault(s) sooner were caused by trees growing over, into and alongside overhead electrical cables.

This is especially dangerous, particularly during stormy weather conditions when branches can be knocked onto power lines.

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Eskom customers in Onrusrivier/Vermont and surrounding areas are urged to switch off stoves, geysers, pool pumps and all electrical appliances to prevent possible tripping of electricity when supply is restored after load shedding or power interruptions.

Tuesday, 20 December 2022: Eskom customers in Onrusriver/Vermont and surrounding areas are advised to switch off stoves, geysers, pool pumps and all electrical appliances during load shedding. This is to prevent inrush current and possible tripping of electricity supply when supply is restored to large areas after load shedding.

Once the electricity has been restored, customers should wait at least 30 minutes before switching on stoves, geysers and pool pumps to avoid possible tripping of electricity.

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From Monday, 19 December 2022, the Kleinbaai Slipway will accept Visa and Mastercard credit and chip-enabled debit cards. Cash payments are also accepted.

Permits are available at the launching site office at the Kleinbaai Slipway.

The Kleinbaai Slipway is a registered public boat launching site and a popular hub of marine activity from where commercial and recreational vessels set out to sea.

The card machine should be able to do transactions regardless of load shedding.

An Orange Level 6 warning for severe thunderstorms resulting in flooding and large amounts of small hail are expected over Overstrand and other parts of the Western Cape on Friday and Saturday (16 - 17 December 2022).

Residents are advised to watch out for localised flooding and avoid low-lying areas and bridges. If possible, stay indoors and keep away from metal objects. Do not seek shelter under trees or tall objects.

Do not go fishing or play golf as both the golf clubs and fishing rods are a good conductor of electricity. Be aware that any combination of hail, strong winds and/or heavy downpours can accompany the storms.

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