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Overstrand Municipality appeals to visitors and residents to conserve electricity as best they can during the hot summer months.

By looking closely at how you use electricity, taking steps to save power where you can and by controlling the use of your appliances, it is actually easy to conserve energy.

Below are some saving tips that could help you:

  • If you’re not using an appliance, switch it off
  • Let’s all get into the habit of switching off the lights when we leave a room
  • Don’t leave TVs, DVD players and other electrical equipment in stand-by mode – rather switch them off completely
  • The same can be said for plug points and adaptors that hold cell phone chargers or bed side bulbs
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If you want to be the first to know about the PROPOSED DOG BEACH ZONES, please attend the following public meetings:

30 January 2020:
Kleinmond Library Boardroom, Kleinmond, 09:00-11:00

30 January 2020:
Fernkloof Hall, Hermanus, 13:00-15:00

31 January 2020:
Council Chambers, Gansbaai, 09:00-11:00

* The trial zones will be on beaches in Hermanus, Gansbaai and Kleinmond

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Not everyone likes dogs or wants to deal with dogs on a day out at the beach, especially when they have small children with them.

Other than a fear of dogs there is also the possibility of an overly excited dog running or jumping on kids or peeing on sandcastles, which do not make for very happy children.

Moreover, beach runners may prefer a beach without dogs as dogs with a high prey/chase drive may chase/attack a runner.

But many people also enjoy dogs on beaches. There is very little more beautiful than an animal thoroughly enjoying itself in nature and being free.

And this is true also for birds and other wild animals!

Zoning will help people, dogs and our shorebirds live their best lives.

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Sixty-three families received the ultimate festive season gift last week (on Thursday, 12 December 2019) when they were handed the keys to new houses by Western Cape Human Settlements Minister, Tertius Simmers and Overstrand Executive Mayor, Dudley Coetzee.

The remaining units and serviced sites of this R77.9 million Integrated Residential Development Project (IRDP) in Hawston, are expected to be finished by April 2020.

The new development is situated east of the R43 in Hawston and will be named Hawston Heights. It comprises 489 sites that include 107 residential sites for the affordable housing market in terms of the Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP), 378 residential top structure sites for the Breaking New Ground (BNG), two business sites, two community zoned sites and nine open public spaces, roads and a storm water retention pond.

Of the 378 40m² in size BNG houses that will be built, 19 45m² are being built to accommodate people with disabilities.

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The Cliff Path Management Group, in partnership with Overstrand Municipality, is busy replacing 20 old and faded sign boards along the Hermanus Cliff Path. 

The Cliff Path is one of the most unique attractions of Hermanus and stretches from the New Harbour along the coastline to Grotto beach.

Pictured here are Ashrick Marhinus (Coastal Monitor), Micheal Henn (Field ranger: Environmental Management Services) and Anina Lee (chairperson of CPMG).

In front is budding environmentalist Anathi Feni and Ward 3 councillor Kari Brice.