Municipality to address any municipal meter reading/consumption concerns in Kleinmond

It’s important for property owners and tenants to keep on top of their monthly municipal accounts.

Reading your water and electricity meters regularly are the best way to keep track of your water and electricity use, and ensure your bill is an accurate reflection of it. Don't forget to record the date of your reading.

Overstrand Municipality aims to read all water and electricity meters once a month to calculate your monthly water and sewerage use.

The dates between readings also play an important role as the system provides for calculation in accordance with the number of days, thus, if it is a longer period, you will receive more kl units consumed per sliding scale, to ensure correct charging, (example, 45 days’ consumption will be calculated as 30 days as well as another 15 days on the lower tariff of the sliding scale).

Should you wish to check the meter reading, you may ask your nearest municipal office to verify the readings against the financial records and request a copy of photographs taken of the meter readings over the past three months.

Help offered:

On Thursday, 10 November from 14:00 – 19:00 and Saturday, 19 November 2022 from 09:00 – 12:00, Overstrand Municipality’s finance department will be assisting residents in the Hangklip-Kleinmond area with municipal account queries, specifically related to water meter readings/consumption in the Proteadorp Community Hall.

This is a great opportunity to resolve account queries and to sort out any water meter reading issues.

Water meter reading dates:

In Kleinmond, meter readings will take place on the following days (from - to):

  • Betty's Bay (4 – 12 of each month)
  • Hangklip Estates (4 – 12 of each month)
  • Kleinmond (29 – 15 of each month)
  • Kleinmond Extention 6 (10 – 11 of each month)
  • Overhills (11 - 12 of each month)
  • Pringle Bay (10 - 12 of each month)
  • Protea Dorp (12 - 13 of each month)
  • Rooiels (12 - 12 of each month)
  • Caledon Farms (1 - 5 of each month)

Feel free to direct any questions regarding meter readings or other general account enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit your nearest municipal office to verify your account details.

Alternatively, phone the finance department on:

  • Kleinmond (028 271 8400 or 028 271 8465)
  • Hermanus (028 313 8000 or 028 313 8196)
  • Stanford (028 341 8500 or 028 341 8516) and
  • Gansbaai (028 384 8300 or 028 384 8328).



Contact Us

Hermanus 028 313 8000
Kleinmond 028 271 8400
Gansbaai 028 384 8300
Stanford 028 341 8500