Permissions Required to Mount Memorials

In terms of the Integrated Coastal Management Act, it is illegal to affix or erect any structure - including memorial plaques and crosses - along the coastline without the competent authority’s permission to do so.

Unfortunately, the trend nowadays seems to be to mount plaques, crosses and other structures in memory of loved ones who have passed along Overstrand’s coast at will without first consulting the authorities.

This practice not only detracts from the character of our natural environment and unspoilt landscape, but is also against the law.

Given that Overstrand’s natural coastal zone by and large falls within the boundaries of proclaimed state and/or public land, and is thus subject to the laws and regulations governing such properties, the public is advised to first approach their local administration before mounting or erecting a plaque/cross or any other structure in memory of a loved one.

The alarming increase in this practice will leave the municipality with little choice but to summarily remove illegal memorials of this nature.
This could cause a great deal of embarrassment, and sorrow.

Thus, before mounting a plaque or cross in memory of your loved one, first consult the municipal administration in your area. In some instances, quite acceptable alternatives are on offer - for instance, having a tile installed as part of an existing cliff path - provided these alternatives are administered and managed by the designated control body.

Do note that this rule also applies to affixing plaques to already existing benches along public walkways.


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