As the Community Protection and Security Agencies, along with their personnel, are readily preparing for the heightened use of public facilities and services by both our communities and the influx of visitors expected over the Season, the Overstrand Municipality would like to appeal to all concerned to use said amenities responsibly.  

The use of water, in particular, should be done sparingly. This is especially given that the Overstrand Region is regarded as a ‘Water-Scarce Area’.

With the fire season upon us and its impending danger, the Municipality further urges its residents and visitors to be cautious when making fires, and to remain vigilant and sensitive to the devastating and destructive consequences affected communities could have in the event of runaway fires.

However, the Municipality is cognitive of its people’s need for Festive Season revelry and celebration, and has therefore made allowances in this sense by providing designated places on the region’s beaches where the release of fireworks will be permitted.


A final request is that consideration and protection of the area’s wildlife is upheld.  To this end, a plea has been extended to those involved to please refrain from feeding or engaging with the Baboons, or any other species, that may cross their path during the Season.  For their own protection and preservation, these animals should remain undisturbed and left to co-exist with each other in the confines of their respective natural environments.

Should the need arise; the various Community Protection and Security Forces can be contacted as follows:

Municipal Services                    Telephone 028 313 811
Traffic, Law Enforcement & Fire and Disaster    Telephone 028 312 2400

In the meanwhile, the Overstrand Municipality extends its very best wishes and Seasonal Greetings to its community members and visitors alike.  May the Festive Season be a time of joy, love, peace, merriment and harmony, and may it be filled with wonderful memories to be enjoyed for all of time.


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