Socio Economic Survey in Overstrand

During September 2016 a socio economic survey will be conducted in the Overstrand Municipality. The aim is to determine the demand for affordable housing in the Overstrand. Interviews will be conducted with randomly selected households in specific housing settlements regarding their housing needs as well as related matters.

In addition, group discussions will be conducted in selected settlements from Buffelsjag River to Betty’s Bay.

The research focus is on the spectrum of households that qualify for government subsidized housing. Households whose income exceed the maximum limit allowed for government housing, but whose income is too low to qualify for financial assistance from commercial banks, the so-called gap market, will also be included in the research.

It is thus important that both households qualifying for government housing assistance and those with a monthly income between R3,501.00 and R25 000.00 (falling in the gap market) give their full cooperation with this initiative.

The Overstrand has over the recent past witnessed not only a significant growth in its population and economy but also experienced significant changes in these aspects. This brought about the need for new and up - to - date information that will allow the local authority to plan accordingly for future housing demand.  The local housing market is a dynamic market influenced by various socio-demographic factors. It is thus imperative to be aware of changes in household characteristics such as age profiles, its size and composition, and the work status and income levels of household members. Other relevant information pertains to access to basic services, quality of life, the extent of overcrowding and existing housing preferences. The research will also probe in - and out - migration patterns and trends in the Overstrand as these have a distinct impact on the availability of and demand for housing.

Questionnaires will be used to collect the required information during a door to door survey, as well as through conducting in - depth interviews and focus group sessions with experts and community leaders. In addition, a one –page form will be made available to those not included in the research. This form is available at your nearest Municipal Administrative Offices and libraries as well as in the Municipal newsletter, The Bulletin and is also available on line at Please make use of this. Completed forms can be returned to the closest Municipal Administrative Offices or library or mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Closing date is 30 September 2016.

Residents are requested to offer their cooperation with this important initiative. The success of this research will depend on the strong support of the communities of the Overstrand. This research and its findings ultimately will enable the Overstrand Municipality to sustain a successful housing programme.

Please be assured that all personal information of participants is treated with absolute confidentiality.


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