VGK Kerk Kleinmond marks start of fire season with a prayer service for Overstrand Fire Fighters

The rising mercury on Sunday, 27 November 2016 was a fitting reminder of the many hazardous elements that Overstrand fire fighters have to contend with on any given day, but more so during the fire season set to commence from 1 December through to the end of February next year.

The support of the community is vitally important in ensuring the successful delivery of this essential service.  To this end, the Overstrand Municipality remains committed to raising awareness on fire prevention and safeguarding the environment and its people.

In a moving ceremony to mark the launch of the fire season, a prayer service led by Dominee Carl Swart of the VGK Kerk in Kleinmond was recently conducted. In his address, Dominee Swart called on the public to assist the fire fighters by being extra vigilant during the season and to desist from any activities that could result in the destruction of lives or property.

The congregation was further urged to familiarise themselves with the relevant emergency numbers so that they would know who to contact in such an eventuality, i.e. for fire, accidents, drownings or floodings the number to call is 028 312 2400. For normal day to day inquiries, the telephone number 028 313 8980 applies.

A prayer service led by Dominee Carl Swart of the VGK Kerk in Kalkoentjie Street in Kleinmond, saw church members laying their hands on Overstrand fire fighters to bless and protect them during the fire season.


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