For the time being, anyone who wishes to register a rebuilt, scrapped or imported vehicle and need to verify the tare (weight of the vehicle without cargo) will have to make use of the weighbridge facility operated by Overberg Agri in Caledon.

This situation came about as a result of irreparable damage caused to Overstrand’s weighbridge housed at the transfer station in Swartdam Road, Hermanus during the recent civil unrests.

Overstrand’s Traffic Department urges all vehicle owners who, on request of the relevant officer, must verify a vehicle’s tare to make use of Overberg Agri's weighbridge situated in Industrial Street, Caledon.

The facility is open Monday to Friday from 07:30 - 17:00. No appointment is required.

 • Costs range from R30 to R90, depending on the weight of the vehicle.


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