Residents in the Hermanus area are reminded that Level 2 water restrictions have not been lifted as the De Bos dam level stands at 68%.

Accordingly, if you use municipal water to water your garden, you may only do so for ONE HOUR per day, before 09:00 or after 17:00, ONE DAY per week. The day per week is determined in accordance with street numbers. For residents with even numbers, it is Wednesdays ONLY, and for those with uneven numbers, Tuesdays ONLY.

The use of irrigation systems are still allowed but, remember, only for one hour.

Note, too, that vehicles and boats may only be washed with a bucket and cloth and that the hosing down of hard surfaces or paved areas is prohibited.

Residents are also reminded that all well points and boreholes must be registered at the office of the area manager, and consumers must ensure that they display the appropriate signage - clearly visible from a public thoroughfare - to this effect.

As from 1 June 2018, the first level of water-restriction tariffs applies to the administrative area of Hermanus only.

The tariff for domestic water use up to 6 kℓ per month has not increased, but the tariffs for domestic use above 6 kℓ per month increased by 30%. The water tariff for all non-domestic use has also increased by 30%.

Remember, every drop you save today is worth twice as much tomorrow.


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