With the Easter weekend (Friday 19 April to Monday 22 April) around the corner, roads in the Overstrand are expected to get busy.

As usual, high traffic volumes are being expected onwards from Thursday, 18 April and road users can expect visible law enforcement, traffic check points and roadblocks, enforcement of public transport compliance and random alcohol and drug test to be performed.

Routes that are going to be focused on are the N2, R43, R44, R316 and R319.

Overstrand Traffic Chief Rudi Fraser urged road users to ensure that vehicles are roadworthy, observe road traffic rules and adhere to the speed limit, exercise patience on the road, not drive under the influence of alcohol or text and drive.

“Seat belt safety is super important.

Wearing your seat belt significantly reduces your chances of being ejected from the vehicle in the event of a crash,” he added. He urged the motorists to always wear seat belts.

Pedestrian deaths are also a big headache. Pedestrians have to share the road with vehicles - so it is important they take care when crossing the road and be visible. “As a pedestrian, choose the safest place to cross and remember: Stop, Look, Listen AND Think,” the Traffic Chief said.

Senior Superintendent Xen Titus said driver distraction, fatigue, excessive speeding and negligent driving, driving under the influence are all behavioural patterns that could easily be avoided.

Please abide by the traffic rules and don’t drink and drive. “If you intend to consume alcohol, make alternative arrangements so that you will not have to get behind the wheel,” he advised.

“Easter and Christmas are times for celebration, not times for heartache and sorrow because a loved one died on our roads. When driving, look out for other road users as well, not just for yourself.”

“Our wish for this Easter holiday is that there are no fatalities on our roads,” the traffic officials said.

For any emergencies you can contact SAPS on 028 313 5300/5306/5350 or toll free 10111 from a Telkom line and 112 from a cell phone. The Overstrand Municipality's 24 hour control room number for law enforcement emergencies is 028 313 8111 or 028 313 8000; alternatively for day to day law enforcement complaints 028 313 8980. The fire department can be reached on 028 312 2400.

Safety Tips when driving at night:

  • Use lights safely and effectively when driving at night
  • Do not blind oncoming traffic with the full beam of lights
  • Reduce speed especially in areas of pedestrian activity
  • Increase following distance to increase crash avoiding space
  • Do not continue to drive when tired (fatigued)
  • Remain cautious of wildlife/animals on the road
  • Be extra cautious of approaching intersections
  • Ensure the vehicle are well maintained (roadworthy)
  • Be prepared for roadside emergencies