The Overstrand Fire Department will be joining other firefighting teams from across the Western and Southern Cape to commemorate International Fire Fighters’ Day (IFFD) in Stellenbosch tomorrow (Saturday 4 May).

It’s a day to remember all the fire fighters who have lost their lives, and we will be thinking of our colleagues from Wynland, Paarl and Witzenberg who have passed away during the course of the year.

Overstrand Municipality will be represented by Justin Brussel, Cecil Abrahamse, Ebraim Isaacs, Shaun Mackey and Erl  Gelant in the ‘Team Challenge’.

The Team Challenge involves four firefighters to compete in a pre-set stage as a team, which entails wearing personal protective clothing and a breathing apparatus, carrying a rescue dummy in a stretcher, striking a tyre with a sledge hammer, rolling up a fire hose, using a ladder to climb on top of a container and down again, flipping a grader tyre, and pulling a charged fire hose and striking a traffic cone.

We wish all of the competing teams the best of luck and look forward to seeing you in Stellenbosch!