Drilling of two new boreholes at the Gateway well field in Hermanus is expected to start soon.

The appointed drilling contractor, Steyn’s Drilling, said drilling equipment are moving on site this week. Nearby properties, including the Gateway Shopping Centre management, have been informed of the planned drilling activities.

The drilling sites were selected by geohydrologists, based on the available hydrogeological information and the likelihood of it delivering a good sustainable yield. The water will be pumped to the Preekstoel Water Treatment Plant for treatment to potable standard, from where it will be distributed into the town’s water supply network.

“We will only be sure about the sustainable yield after the holes have been drilled and tested. The boreholes will be utilized on a permanent basis, and will be monitored continuously,” said Deputy Director of Engineering and Planning, Hanré Blignaut.

Blignaut added that Overstrand’s groundwater programmes are based on an environmentally sensitive approach with the aim to ensure sustainable and responsible water abstraction.

The Overstrand receives its water from three dams and 15 boreholes.

The Greater Hermanus area is supplied with water from the De Bos Dam in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, as well as 10 boreholes spread across the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley and the Gateway area. The other boreholes are situated in Stanford (2), Baardskeerdersbos (2) and one in Buffeljagsbaai.

At this stage, the level 2 water restrictions, including the first level of water saving tariffs, have to be maintained for the Greater Hermanus area. The De Bos Dam level was at 41.5% at the end of April 2019.

The total water demand in Hermanus for April 2019 was 228 Mega litres and Hermanus residents have been using an average of 10.9 million litres of water per day.

It is important that all residents must continue to save water, despite the Municipality’s work to secure new water sources.

One of the ‘old’ boreholes that have been drilled in Hermanus.