The Overstrand Municipality will be drilling two new boreholes to expand its groundwater capabilities, in order to meet growing demand for water in the town.

If all goes according to plan, drilling is scheduled to start next week.

These boreholes are on municipal land, within the vicinity of Mountain Drive, across the R43 from the Gateway Shopping Centre (Borehole no. GWP 16), and ± 100 meters North of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness (borehole no. GWP 17)

The boreholes will be drilled to a depth of approximately 300 meters and are designed to target the deeper Peninsula Formation aquifer and will therefore not affect the shallower aquifers from which most households abstract their groundwater.

It is anticipated that during the drilling process water strikes will occur, and this will result in large amounts of water being ejected from the ground, potentially in excess of 50-100 litres per second.

This non-potable water will be captured and disposed of in stormwater drains.

Take note, drilling will only take place during the day and will result in noise and dust generation.

This will be mitigated as best as possible, and nearby residents will be informed prior to drilling commencing.

Drilling is estimated to last between one and two weeks per borehole.  Pump testing will last a week and will be a 24 hour activity.