Western Cape region is a high fire risk area and fire season is fast approaching. Please take precaution to prevent starting any fires.

The cause of veld fires is largely due to hot summer temperatures, strong winds and human negligence.

We appeal to all residents and visitors to dispose of cigarette butts responsibly.

If you are going to smoke, put your cigarette butts in the trash - not out the car window, not in the gutter, not on the lawn, and not in a stream or the ocean.

Please smokers - use a portable cigarette butt holder available on the market or something as simple as an empty bottle or can laden with a bit of water to dispose of butts.


Any emergency and/or distress call regarding accidents and/or fires can be reported to the Municipality’s 24-hour Emergency only number on 028 312 2400.

Also, please do report any suspicious activity immediately to your nearest police station or call Overstrand’s Law Enforcement on 028 313 8996 or 028 313 8000 for general enquiries or 028 313 8111 for issues relating to municipal infrastructure.