Residents in the Greater Hermanus area face stricter water restrictions from 1 November 2019, when Level 3 water restrictions will be implemented.

The De Bos Dam level measured on 13 October 2019 was at 43.96%, with 10.5mm of rain recorded for the week.

These measures apply to the administrative area of Hermanus only, in other words to all residential areas from Benguela Cove through Fisherhaven to Voëlklip.

Other administrative areas within Overstrand are not affected by these measures since they still have sufficient water resources.

Currently the Buffels River, Pearly Beach and Kraaibosch dams are near full capacity and no water restrictions are applicable in the other areas of the Overstrand.

With Level 3 water restrictions, residents are still allowed to use buckets or watering cans to water their gardens, but still only before 09:00 or after 17:00. In addition, buckets can still be used to wash cars and boats. It is advisable to cover swimming pools with a pool cover when not in use and to fill swimming pools with rain water.

All well points and boreholes must be registered at the office of the area manager, and consumers must ensure that they display the appropriate signage to this effect; clearly visible from a public thoroughfare.

The restrictive measures of Level 3 water restrictions are as follow:

  • No use of hosepipes or automatic sprinkler systems using municipal water is allowed; only if own water source is used, e.g. borehole or rainwater tanks 
  • No filling of swimming pools with municipal water
  • The washing of vehicles with a hose pipe will not be permitted. Cars and boats may only be washed with water from buckets
  • Hosing down of hard-surfaced or paved areas with municipal water supply is not allowed

Water Tariffs

The tariff for domestic water use up to 6 kℓ per month has not increased, but since June 2018 the tariffs for domestic use above 6 kℓ per month increased by 30%. The water tariff for all non-domestic use has also increased by 30%. These increased tariffs will remain effective with the implementation of Level 3 water restrictions.

Until the De Bos Dam has reached an acceptable level of at least 70%, water restrictions and the concomitant restrictive tariffs will have to remain in force, and the implementation of stricter restrictions may have to be considered in the short term.

Stricter policing

Any person who contravenes these restrictions is guilty of an offence and is, upon conviction, liable to a fine as approved by the Magistrate.


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