Overstrand traffic officials, law enforcement and the special task team, together with SAPS and Provincial Traffic Services will be manning joint road blocks during the December holiday season to ensure that only roadworthy vehicles and legally licensed drivers are using the roads.

Motorists are urged to avoid overloading and to also ensure that every bus, taxi or charter vehicle has a valid operating licence and the correct permit conditions.

Transport drivers must adhere to specific regulations which are set out in the National Land Transport Act and regular spot checks of all vehicles will be carried out.

If you're making use of paid transport, please make sure they meet all necessary requirements.

When somebody is found to operate illegal transport services they’ll be fined and their vehicles will be impounded.

All vehicles that transport passengers must have a seatbelt for every person and a car seat for those younger than 3 years old. If the vehicle is not able to comply with these requirements then it cannot be used as a form of public transport.

Motorist must adhere to traffic laws, speed limits and maintain a safe following distance.