The Overberg Wheelchair Association is appealing to the public to keep on collecting bread tags (even if they are broken) and/or cool drink plastic bottle caps for wheelchairs.

Bread tags/bottle caps are made of high impact polystyrene and therefore have a very good recycling value and can be used to help someone in need of a wheelchair.

Imagine filling one bread bag with ALL your bread tags: 200 bread bags filled with tags will fit into 10 black bags. THAT will be enough in recycling value to pay for one wheelchair!

Make this simple routine of keeping your plastic bottle caps and bread tags a habit and it will keep plastic out of the landfills - get your families and friends to do so too.

  • If you would like to help, drop off your cool drink plastic bottle caps and/or bread tags for wheelchairs at The Ability House in Hawston or any of the public libraries or the respective Municipal Area Managers’ offices: Fifth Avenue, Kleinmond (Marzanne Thoresen), Main Street, Gansbaai (Marzaan Middleton), Magnolia Street (Heidi Dignas) or Queen Victoria Street, Stanford (Nataley Cornelius).