Unlimited Tanker Callouts a Thing of the Past

Changes to sewerage charges make maintaining watertight conservancy tanks a must
With effect from 1 July 2014, single residential properties will no longer be granted an unlimited number of free-of-charge tanker callouts per month. In future, owners of these properties will have one of two options:

1.    Either opt to pay a basic fee of R70 plus the infrastructure levy of R10,94 per month only (tariff code SE9A), with the understanding that every time a tanker service is requested, this service will be charged at R478 (office hours, i.e. weekdays before 15:00) or R956 (after hours) per removal of up to 5/6kℓ of sewerage per call; or

2.    Pay a monthly fee of R103.90 plus R11,70 per kℓ of water used per month, based on a maximum of 35 kℓ per month (70% of 50 kℓ), plus the infrastructure levy of R10,94 per month (tariff code SE7A1), which will entitle you to a maximum of two tanker service callouts during office hours at no additional charge per month. As per option 1 above, all additional service requests will be charged at either R478 (office hours, i.e. weekdays before 15:00) or R956 (after hours).

Where in the past the tariff for option 2 allowed for an unlimited number of tanker requests per month per household, this is no longer sustainable since Council experienced a substantial (16%) increase in the number of service requests – that despite a decrease in water consumption in Overstrand.
This is largely attributed to storm water and ground water ingress into conservancy tanks, resulting in more service requests. In numerous instances, it was found that the volume of sewage removed per month exceeded the 70% of the actual water consumption per month, implicating leaking tanks.

Leaking tanks result in higher volumes of 'diluted' sewage having to be removed and treated which, in turn, causes an overloading of our sewerage tanker service as well as our sewerage treatment plants. This situation should be avoided at all cost, and home owners are urged to ensure that their conservancy tanks are watertight since this will definitely be in their best interest too.

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