Did you know that there is a correct method in which you should dispose of used tissues and related goods used by those infected by coronavirus?

These procedures are simple enough so that we can all apply them. Even more important, by disposing your used items correctly, you are protecting other people. Correct disposal saves lives!

Residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 must be in self-isolation and the guidelines provided by the national Department must be followed to protect essential workers and anyone else who may come into contact with domestic (household) waste.

This notice also serves to persons in self-quarantine.


The main action to remember is to separate infected waste from normal household waste.

  • Throw used tissues into the toilet and flush them away.
  • If you do not have a flushable toilet, you must make sure that used tissues and all other protective gear such as masks and gloves are placed in a plastic bag.
  • When the plastic bag is full, knot the bag, put it into another bag and knot it tightly. (Double bag please)
  • Hang or place the waste bag where it is in the sunshine and away from pets until the next refuse collection day. Ideally, the bag should hang in the sun for FIVE days so that all the germs are killed before being put out with your regular waste.

Do not mix infected waste with household waste and remember to keep household waste separate from infected covid-19 waste.

Throw used tissues of infected patients in the toilet and flush away.


Black plastic waste bags and waste containers can be placed outside as per normal on refuse collection day.

Each household is allowed to place one wheelie bin or four black bags (with the proviso that only one bag may contain garden waste) with domestic refuse on the sidewalk for removal in areas which the Municipality has not identified as a problem animal area. Containers must be secured with baboon proof locking devices in all areas that the Municipality has identified as problem animal areas. No refuse bags may be left on pavements in baboon problem areas.

Follow the steps below on refuse removal day:

  • ONLY put waste bags and waste containers outside on refuse collection day.
  • Residents are requested to WASH their HANDS with soap and water BEFORE and AFTER handling waste containers or black refuse plastic bags.
  • Residents are also requested to clean waste containers, its handles and covers. These measures are to protect both the public and the essential refuse removal teams.
  • Residents are requested to refrain from approaching refuse removal personnel. Always keep a distance of 2 metres between yourself and the refuse personnel.
  • Residents should first, after the waste containers have been emptied by refuse removal personnel and before containers are used again, wash the refuse containers.