Overstrand Municipality’s Traffic Services and Law Enforcement are working closely with the South African Police Service (SAPS) and Provincial Traffic to ensure compliance with Covid-19 restrictions.

Roadblocks and vehicle check points are held all the time in order to check people’s movements as special permits are required to move between places and towns; unfortunately people still take chances transporting illegal perlemoen and other items.

Overstrand Traffic is making an appeal to motorists to practise good road safety, even though they are very frustrated with restrictions.

Residents can expect to see more of these operations as the lockdown continues.

Daily roadblocks and visible vehicle checkpoints and control points will be held on various routes to ensure that drivers, motorists, residents and business owners adhere and abide to the lockdown rules.

There is also a high number of motorists driving without a driver’s licence. Please do not let your under aged child get behind the wheel – they will check that only legally licensed drivers are using the road. In addition, traffic officers will focus on distracted driving (using cell phones while driving), seatbelt compliance, and that vehicles are roadworthy.

Kindly note that the traffic offices are closed at the moment because the e-NATIS network (National Traffic Information System) has to been opened by Province, which will happen sometime during June.

All learner’s licences, driver's licences, car licence disks, temporary permits and roadworthy certificates as well as professional driving permits will be extended until after the lockdown period (unless determined otherwise by the Minister).

This effectively means that once the lockdown period is over, the public will have a 30 days’ grace period to renew expired licences or permits and during which time licences will remain valid.