At the Council Meeting held on Wednesday, 28 October 2020, Executive Mayor Ald Dudley Coetzee confirmed that the Municipality is busy with the fourth and final review of the current 5 year Integrated Development Plan (IDP) review for 2021/22.

In his IDP review and 2021/2024 Budget directional speech, Mayor Coetzee said an IDP is the five year development plan of the Municipality and that it is reviewed annually.

He explained that an IDP review allows Council the opportunity to ‘pause and assess’ whether they are still on track in attaining the strategic direction set at the start of the five year period. The current 5 year IDP was approved by Council on 31 May 2017 and covers the period from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2022.

He said for the 2021/22 IDP review the Overstrand Executive Management Team (EMT) has collectively decided to retain the strategic direction set in the current 5 year IDP. Our vision, mission and strategic objectives will therefor remain unchanged.

“However we emphasised that every member of staff and councillors must live our Vision ‘To be a centre of excellence for the community’’. 

“Service excellence must drive what we do; we need to constantly apply our minds to being a centre of excellence. We need to re-embed ‘How can I help / Friend, what can I do for you” into our organisational culture,’ he added.

He continued by saying: “This year our IDP review and budget compilation processes are influenced by the unsure future of Covid-19 and the negative affect that lockdown has had on our economy, the post Covid-19 recovery plans as well as the possibility of a 2nd wave. Globally the effect of Covid-19 is devastating. Closer to home, in South Africa, at least 2.2-million people lost their jobs and the country’s fragile economy fell into recession with an 8.2% contraction expected for 2020.

The drafting and implementation of our post Covid-19 recovery plans will be aligned to the three focus areas (Jobs, Safety and Well-being) of the Western Cape Government recovery plan. At the IDP review strategic session in October the EMT deliberated on the status quo of Jobs, Safety and Well-being as well as possible new initiatives for the coming financial year.”

One of the discussion points around Jobs, Safety and Well-being was how to attract big companies to our area.

To achieve this it was agreed that
Red tape reduction must be accelerated so as to remove as much red tape as possible from our processes
Open days should be hosted to get businesses interested in our area
Investigate what other municipalities are doing to attract investment - particularly where large pieces of land are not required
Continue to build relationships with the existing businesses in our area

He continued by saying the importance of tourism to the Overstrand economy was again stressed “and it was agreed that we need to ensure that attractions that will draw tourist into our area all year round are provided.”

“We need to revisit our larger infrastructure projects to determine how these can contribute to job creation and we will also investigate Wi-Fi connectivity to areas not currently connected.”

The outcomes of Overstrand’s post COVID-19 recovery plan will feed into our 2021/22 IDP review process.

“As you know the IDP informs the Municipal Budget. Therefor parallel with the IDP review process is the compilation of the 2021/22 Draft Budget. The Covid-19 virus is still with us and this has left us with a difficult economic climate in which to budget. Consequently, very stringent budget guidelines have been issued to the Administration by Council.  All expense items that we are able to control will have a zero increase and at this stage tariff increases are limited 3.5%.”

“The draft 2021/22 IDP review and draft 2021/22 Budget will both serve before Council in March 2021 for consideration.”

The Mayor urged all stakeholders to actively participate and engage in the platforms created for the IDP and Budget review process.

He concluded by saying: “As always, the public will have the opportunity in April 2021 to submit written inputs on both the draft IDP review and the draft Budget. Public inputs are valued and the municipality encourages active public participation in these two proses”.



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