Here’s when recipients can collect their social grants at the Overstrand Thusong Service Centre in Hawston from 08:00 - 14:00

13 Feb 2021 - Disability Grant
15 Feb 2021 - All other Grants
17 Feb 2021 - All other Grants

Here’s when recipients can collect their DISABILITY GRANTS at other halls in the Overstrand for February and March from 08:00 - 14:00:

6 February 2021 - Disability Grant: Moffat Hall in Mt Pleasant, Overstrand Thusong Centre in Hawston and Kleinmond Proteadorp Community Hall

27 Feb 2021 - Disability Grant: Stanford Community Hall, Gansbaai Blompark Community Hall

13 March 2021 - Disability Grant: Mt Pleasant Moffat Hall and Gansbaai Blompark Community Hall

27 March 2021 - Disability Grant: Mt Pleasant Moffat Hall, Kleinmond Proteadorp Community Hall

Take note of the following:

•    Older Person’s Grants will be paid from Wednesday 3 February 2021
•    Disability Grants will be paid from Thursday 4 February 2021
•    All other grants will be paid from Friday 5 February 2021
•    The SASSA R350 grant has not been renewed, and there will be no new payments in February.
•    If you receive more than one grant, and you claim Older Person or Disability payments, these will be paid at the same time, either on Wednesday 3 February or Thursday 4 February.

SASSA on cards being valid beyond 31 March 2021

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is refuting social media misinformation and claims about the expiry of the SASSA-SAPO Card on 31 March 2021. These claims are not true. The SASSA Cards will NOT stop working on 31 March 2021.

The cards will have to be replaced, as indicated by the SA Reserve Bank report but there is no set date by which time this must be done.  Information on the card replacement will be made public in due course.

SASSA clients have the right to choose their payment method and there is nothing that forces the clients who are currently being paid through the South Africa Post Office (SAPO) to change to bank accounts.  They will still be paid using the current SASSA-SAPO card beyond April 2021.



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