Eskom is currently experiencing huge strains on the national electricity grid.

All consumers are hereby requested to switch off all non-essential office appliances to reduce the load on the electrical network.

Please ensure that all lights and air conditioners are switched off when leaving your house or office.

This is not only the correct and safe practice, but will result in our contribution to alleviating load shedding in the Overstrand Area.

The first leg of the orientation tour for the Overstrand junior town council started in the Kleinmond area on 8 April 2014 and the second leg to Stanford and Gansbaai on 13 May 2014 was another great success.

The tour was an initiative of the Overstrand Municipality to expose the region’s young leaders to various municipal services, which will contribute to their development and ensure an investment in their future.

The junior town council was pleasantly surprised when Mayor Nicolette Botha-Guthrie, accompanied by the Municipal Manager Coenie Groenewald, arrived at the Enlighten Education Trust.

Addressing the learners, the Mayor said, “You are honoured to be the first group with whom I share my surprise project.  I am thrilled to share this with you now, the community of Overstrand at large will only learn about it at a later stage.

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On 24 April 2014, Mayor Nicolette Botha-Guthrie of the Overstrand Municipality visited Camphill and care centres in the Hermanus area.

Proceeds from the Mayoral Ball were used to buy much needed items for the residents of Camphill farm.   During December 2013, the Mayor visited all five the houses on the farm, where she was met by the house managers and the needs were pointed out to her.
Although, due to financial constraints, she could not provide in all the needs, pots, bedding and toweling were bought and delivered to the residents.    The gift parcels were received by Anne Clark, Elma Young and Jacky, as well as 91 year-old Irma Roehling who celebrated her birthday on Freedom Day, the 27th of April.

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Overstrand Municipality will implement level 1B water restrictions from 1 March 2018 in the Greater Hermanus area (i.e. from Benguela Cove to Voëlklip).

Water tariffs will only be increased once the level of the De Bos Dam drops below 40%.

De Bos Dam is currently at 46,5%.

Water sources in the other areas of the municipality are still at satisfactory levels, and residents can still enjoy a breather on water restrictions.

Restrictions include

• No washing of vehicles with any hose will be permitted. This means washing of vehicles and boats are only allowed if a bucket and cloth are used. 

    - This is not applicable to commercial car wash industries.
• No washing or hosing down of hard-surfaced or paved areas with municipal drinking water is allowed.

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Update for last week (13/03/2023 to 19/03/2023):

De Bos Dam level:   92.51 %
Change in De Bos Dam level from previous week:   + 0.04 %.
Previous year 19 March 2022 Dam level:  88.38 %

Average daily water consumption: 12.09 million litres per day (previous week 11.391 million litres per day)

Rainfall for the week: 11.0 mm

Although there are currently no formal water restrictions in the Overstrand, the Municipality has a permanent provision that prohibits residents from irrigating gardens between 09:00 - 17:00 in order to prevent unnecessary loss of water through evaporation as per the water services by-law no. 46.(1).

Residents are once again reminded that water is a scarce resource and must be used sparingly.






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