With the Easter weekend (Friday 19 April to Monday 22 April) around the corner, roads in the Overstrand are expected to get busy.

As usual, high traffic volumes are being expected onwards from Thursday, 18 April and road users can expect visible law enforcement, traffic check points and roadblocks, enforcement of public transport compliance and random alcohol and drug test to be performed.

Routes that are going to be focused on are the N2, R43, R44, R316 and R319.

Overstrand Traffic Chief Rudi Fraser urged road users to ensure that vehicles are roadworthy, observe road traffic rules and adhere to the speed limit, exercise patience on the road, not drive under the influence of alcohol or text and drive.

“Seat belt safety is super important.

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Work on the upgrading of the sewerage system in Hermanus, near the Old Harbour, has begun. This project will temporarily impact tenants of Village Square, and also some businesses along Marine Drive and Main Road, as well as those on Market Square.

Whilst construction is underway, sections of Marine Drive, Market Square Street and Main Road as well as the parking lots in the affected areas will be closed temporarily to traffic.

Pedestrian traffic will be accommodated throughout the construction period.

The project entails the construction of a new rising main sewer pipeline from the newly constructed Bientang Sewer Pump Station, across Marine Drive, then along Market Square Street, to connect to the existing sewer system in Main Road.


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Unemployed residents from Hawston and Fisherhaven, who are actively looking for work, will have the opportunity to REGISTER and ATTEND a Community Work Programme (CWP) induction on Friday, 12 April 2019.

CWP is an initiative by government which offers opportunities to unemployed youth of working age who are actively looking for work.

The programme provides participants with extra money to support them in their search for full-time or part-time employment, while doing community work.

Participants in the programme work typically 2 days a week and receive R81/day.

The rationale for availing 8 days of work a month in the CWP was in order to allow participants to engage in other

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We are appealing to Overstrand gardeners to watch out for the shot hole borers in trees.

The polyphagous shot hole borer or PSHB (Euwallacea fornicates), a tiny Asian beetle about the size of a sesame seed, has invaded, damaged and killed thousands of trees across the country.

Although the shot hole borer has not been detected in Overstrand yet, the highly-invasive, tree-killing shot hole borer beetle has been found and confirmed in Somerset West.

If you observe any symptoms in trees that suggest the PSHB, please take photos and report it to Overstrand Municipality's Horticulturist Lauren Rainbird (028 313 8972) or the Environmental Management Services Department (028 316 3724) or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony, for the ceremonial opening of Cell 4 regional landfill facility constructed in Karwyderskraal, was held on Friday, 29 March 2019.

The terrain was designed and developed to provide long term landfilling of regular household waste, and the diversion of organic waste which is composted on site.

The Karwyderskraal Landfill Site is the property of the Overberg District Municipality (ODM) and became functional in 2002.

The construction of Cell 4 commenced in June 2018 and required the excavation of 130 000 m³ of clay and covers an area of ± 4.5 hectares. The new cell is approximately 3 to 4 metres deep and will have airspace capacity of 524 000m³ of solid waste which will give the cell a lifespan of approximately 8 years, based on current disposal rates.

Karwyderskraal Landfill site will provide airspace to the user municipalities for many years to come. The life expectancy of the facility is 57 years.

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