Residents of the Overstrand - and especially those of Ward 8 - will soon have access to a multi-purpose sport facility in Hawston.

The new facility will not only sport netball and/or tennis courts and change rooms, but also a cricket oval, two soccer fields (of which one will be synthetic turf), a new tartan track to boost athletics, a golf driving range, a rugby field surfaced with grass, as well as an indoor sport centre with club house and pavilion. To improve traffic flow, an access road from Church Street will be incorporated and the parking area will be upgraded. Spotlights had been installed during a previous financial year and are already in use.

The inception phase of the project started in 2012 and after years of waiting and planning the R55 million development master plan, comprising of three phases, is being rolled out. R14 million for phase 1 and 2 was funded through MIG (Municipal Infrastructure Grant), provided by SRSA (Sport and Recreation South Africa) with the assistance of the Department of Cultural Affairs & Sport (DCAS). The remaining phases will be done once funding has been obtained.

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If you receive a water bill that is unusually high, it may well be due to a leak.
To check whether there is a leak on your property try the following:

  • Close all the taps in your house
  • Find your water meter. (This is located outside your house, possibly on the boundary)
  • Your meter will have a row of numbers
  • Check the meter for movement of the numbers; if there is no visible movement then do the following:

-    Take a meter reading by writing down all the numbers on the meter dial.
-    Advise all the people on the property not to use any water for at least one hour; this can also be done overnight (but remember not to flush the loo during the night)
-    Take a second meter reading after that time; if the reading has increased, then there is a leak. The numbers on the meter move to measure water flow…so if they have moved, there is a leak.

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The Overberg Wheelchair Association is appealing to the public to keep on collecting bread tags (even if they are broken) and/or cool drink plastic bottle caps for wheelchairs.

Bread tags/bottle caps are made of high impact polystyrene and therefore have a very good recycling value and can be used to help someone in need of a wheelchair.

Imagine filling one bread bag with ALL your bread tags: 200 bread bags filled with tags will fit into 10 black bags. THAT will be enough in recycling value to pay for one wheelchair!

Make this simple routine of keeping your plastic bottle caps and bread tags a habit and it will keep plastic out of the landfills - get your families and friends to do so too.

  • If you would like to help, drop off your cool drink plastic bottle caps and/or bread tags for wheelchairs at The Ability House in Hawston or any of the public libraries or the respective Municipal Area Managers’ offices: Fifth Avenue, Kleinmond (Marzanne Thoresen), Main Street, Gansbaai (Marzaan Middleton), Magnolia Street (Heidi Dignas) or Queen Victoria Street, Stanford (Nataley Cornelius).


Please be on the lookout for the missing pink buoy at Grotto beach. Sadly, this is not the first time rescue equipment has been stolen.

We request residents to please assist us in finding the missing rescue buoy by keeping their eyes open for anyone who is in possession of this easily identifiable bright pink lifesaving buoy.

Let's keep making our swimming areas a safer place for our children and other beach lovers.

Remember, a stolen Pink Buoy is a stolen life and accidents can happen at any time.

You can contact Hermanus NSRI on 082 990 5967 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with information. Alternatively, phone Law Enforcement 028 313 8996.

Any emergency and/or distress call regarding drowning or accidents can be reported to the Municipality’s 24-hour EMERGENCY ONLY number on 028 312 2400.

For day to day law enforcement and by-law complaints, phone 028 313 8996.

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Library staff members in Mount Pleasant are thrilled with the newly installed computers and encourage visitors to the library to use them.

The librarians will be happy to assist users in accessing the internet free of charge or to provide assistance in using the computers.

In addition, ICT technician Christopher Samboer, will offer computer training every Wednesday for those residents who need help to brush up on their IT skills such as word processing, creating spreadsheets, presentations and database applications etc.

Scanning and copying facilities are also available. Printing (in black and white only) costs R1 per page.

The Mount Pleasant Library is located in Heide Street, and is open Mondays – Thursdays from 08:00 – 17:00 and Fridays from 08:00 - 16:30. Contact them on Tel. 028 313 8015 / 8984.

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