All documentation regarding PARASIDE PARK, including the memorandum, supporting documentation, court papers and any subsequent correspondence between our attorneys and Paradise Parks Attorneys are available for viewing at the Municipal additional court in Harmony Lane, Hermanus.

Paradise Park-dokumente beskikbaar vir besigtiging

Alle dokumentasie met betrekking tot PARASIDE PARK, insluitend die memorandum, hofstukke en enige ander verbandhoudende korrespondensie tussen die Munisipalieteit Overstrand se prokureurs en dié van Paradise Park sal tydens normale kantoorure vir besigtiging beskikbaar wees by die Munisipale (addisionele) hof in Harmonielaan, Hermanus.

Voters have been urged to visit their local electoral commission offices before 17:00 on Monday, 23 May if they want to verify or update their details

Today is the final day for voters to register for the coming local government elections.

Co-operative Governance Minister Des van Rooyen will officially proclaim the 3 August polls, meaning the voters roll will be closed, and no additional registrations will be allowed thereafter.

Once the election is proclaimed no changes to the voters’ roll, including additional registrations or reregistrations, will be accepted.

Voters should visit their local IEC office with an official South African ID document - either a green barcoded ID book, a smartcard ID or a valid temporary identity certificate.

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Teenagers wishing to apply for smart ID cards for the first time may do so for free as well as those who are 60 years and older.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) in Caledon has started issuing Smart Card IDs to new applicants as well reissue current ID holder with the new card.

This card will in future replace the current ID books and as a result Caledon DHA may no longer process ID book applications for certain categories of Citizens.

“We will not be able to visit your premises for ID book applications and hereby invite eligible clients as mentioned below to apply at the Caledon Office. You are therefore requested to visits us in Caledon,” said Mark Williams, Local Office Representative from DHA in Caledon.

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Lede van Overstrand se Junior Stadsraad kry tydens hul oriëntasietoer van die area, goeie blootstelling van die munisipaliteit se betrokkenheid by sake wat mense se daaglikse lewe raak

Die program word namens die munisipaliteit deur Enlighten Education Trust bedryf en Unity Mtomile is die bestuurder daarvan. Riana Steenekamp, media-koӧrdineerder van die Munisipaliteit Overstrand het die toergroep vergesel op Dinsdag, 10 Mei toe Stanford en Gansbaai se fasiliteite besoek is.

Unfortunately time did not allow for a historic walk through the central core of Stanford, featuring an assortment of renovated cottages, and proclaimed as heritage site. But we manage to drive pass the original market square dating back to 1785 as well as the graveyard, the Communal Sport Centre and Community Hall (also known as Die Stoor), Die Oog Domestic Water Source and the informal settlement at Die Kop.

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The Overstrand JTC listen with interest as Mayor Nicolette Botha-Guthrie explains that the Western Cape House of Parliament has sittings in the Chambers on matters concerning legislation of the province, is a forum for public debate, as well as being the body that oversees the Executive (government) and holds the government to account.

Not even the stormy weather or roadworks on the R43 could dull the excitement and boisterous spirit of the Overstrand Junior Town Council as they set off on a recent educational tour that included a trip to the Parliamentary precinct in Cape Town. Visits to the Hermanus Additional Municipal Court, Hermanus Transfer Station and Recycling Plant, the newly-established Mount Pleasant Housing Scheme, Kleinmond Library and Stony Point Penguin Colony were just some of the highlights that formed part of the Overstrand leg of the excursion.

Now in its 11th year, the Overstrand Junior Town Council Project is managed by the Enlighten Education Trust in partnership with the Overstrand Municipality.  The body comprises 35 council members, drawn from a pool of grade 9-11 learners of the area’s six high schools, who display promising leadership and outstanding academic capabilities.

During the 12-month term of office, junior council members are exposed to a number of activities that afford insight into the operational elements of local government, public appearances and the delivery of projects that are expressly aimed at benefiting their respective communities.

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